COVID 19 Policies

To Our Positive Steps Family,

The wait is finally over! As our doors open, we wanted to share our new policies regarding COVID-19. We thank you all for your patience and understanding over the last three months. We continue to have your child’s health as our number one priority. We are in constant contact with the health department in Livingston as well as the CDC and have set all of our policies to ensure the safety of you and your family.

New Administrative Process

· During the day prior to your scheduled visit, we will call you to conduct a symptom screening assessment. We will ask you questions about your child and your family’s health and well-being

· We ask that once the screening is confirmed that you are cleared to attend your session, you will be billed via a credit card which will be on file and then you will be emailed your invoice. No credit cards will be passed between front desk/therapist and families to assist us in minimizing contact at the session and facilitating the rapid end of the session so that we have ample time to disinfect prior to the next child.

Families and Therapists

· Everyone entering the office will have temperature checks using a non-contact thermometer. If the adult or child have a fever higher than 100◦F or higher, we will not be able to accommodate the scheduled session.

· Only one adult will be permitted to come into the therapy center for drop off and/or pick up. If you prefer, a therapist can come downstairs and pick up your child from the parking lot.

· A parent is permitted to either stay with their child in their treatment session (and must wear a mask the entire time) or can wait in the car. If the parent chooses to stay in their car and the child needs to go to the bathroom, the therapist will call the parent to come into the building as therapists are not permitted to escort and/or assist any child with bathroom functions.

· No siblings or other relatives/guests will be allowed.

· The waiting room is currently closed. You will be required to leave promptly after your session.

· All adults in the facility (including parents and therapists) will be required to wear masks.

· Everyone will be required to wash hands upon entering the office and follow safe hand washing practices.

· If another therapist is treating at the same time, all individuals must social distance and maintain their own space.

Positive Steps Office

· We will implement staggered treatment sessions in order to minimize contact with other individuals.

· Time will be allotted for therapists to sanitize rooms and equipment between sessions.

· Treatment rooms will be used by one patient at a time and cleaned thoroughly before another child is able to enter.

· All surfaces and toys will be sanitized after each treatment session.

· Equipment that is not able to be cleaned and sanitized will be removed from the office until further notice.

· Children that are receiving treatment for fine motor skills will be given a bag of supplies that will solely be used by them (i.e. flip crayons, golf pencils, scissors, etc.)

Backyard Visits

· If you prefer a therapist to come to your backyard for a treatment session, please contact Dana Blumberg at 973-994-4464

· Adults and therapist must wear a face mask at all times.

· Treatment sessions done in the home environment will use equipment and materials supplied from the families.

· Scheduled sessions will be weather depending.

· An additional charge (for mileage) will be added for this treating option.

We hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy.


Dana Blumberg

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