Holiday Gift Guide 2016

One of the greatest skills an occupational therapist can possess is not their knowledge base or certifications (these are important too!) but the capacity to make “therapy” fun. To make it so fun that the child doesn’t view the task as therapy or work but instead as game. When this happens the child will be completely engaged in the task and be intrinsically motivated. This is where the therapy magic can happen.

This magic doesn’t exist only within a therapist’s wheelhouse; it can be recreated at home as well. With the holiday season upon us we know many of you want to give your children gifts that are as much enjoyable as they are beneficial to your child’s overall progress. Below is a list of our tried and true favorites. Next to our most used items in therapy and home programs you will find an asterisk. We have also included some links for your convenience. As always please ask your child’s therapist if you have any questions!


**Sit n’ spin

Playhut Mega Fun with Balls Tent

**Air Pillow ( Our favorite is the “walrus” )

**Crash Pad ( )

**Body Socks ( )

Sumo Bumper Bopper ( )

Ezy Rollee (

Floam ( )

Kinetic Sand ( )

Simon ( )

Bop It ( )

Gross Motor Skills/Coordination/Strengthening:

**Hopscotch play carpet ( )

**Hullabaloo ( )

**Tunnel ( )

**Scooter board ( )

Twister ( )

Fine Motor Skills:

**Edison Chopsticks ( )

**Zoosticks ( )

**B-pop Arty Pop Beads ( )

Basic fun Lite Brite Magic ( )

My first Mosiac – Alex ( )

Lincoln Logs ( )

Magna Tiles ( )

Bristle Blocks ( )

**Small Crayons and Pencils ( )

Visual Perceptual/Motor Skills:

Rush Hour ( )

Elefun ( )

**Magna Doodle ( )

Zoomball ( )

Here are a few of our favorite places to shop:

–          Southpaw ( )

–          Fun and Function ( )

–          Pocket full of Therapy ( )

–          Therapy Shoppe ( )

–          Amazon ( )

Please add to our list with some of your tried and true favorite toy/games at home!

Happy Holidays (and happy shopping!) from the staff at Positive Steps

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