May 11, 2020 Newsletter

Dear Positive Steps Parent and Community, 

What unprecedented times we are living in. If you had told any of us what March, April and May 2020 would look like a year ago, we all would have laughed in disbelief. And yet, here we are. Schools are closed for the remainder of this school year, sports and extracurricular activities cancelled, social distancing has been in place since Mid March. Living in such a different time, we  have all managed to survive working from home, homeschooling, cooking and cleaning our kitchen what feels like 3 million times a day and sometimes doing all of those at the same time. However, we are all understandably worried. Worried about when this all will end and how we can best support our children through this time. It has been on our minds at Positive Steps too. 

The main tenet of Positive Steps has always been to support the children and families that come to us for help. We aim to support you all not just within the walls of the sensory gym and fine motor rooms, but in all facets of life. Although our world looks and feels different right now, that commitment still holds true. How can we do that in this new COVID-19 reality? 

First and foremost we are here via telehealth sessions. Our therapists have been doing some amazing things via teleheatlh and we are all learning how this new to us form of therapy works together. (Please see below for a couple of reviews on telehealth sessions from parents).  We understand that you may be overwhelmed right now and adding another zoom call to your week is the last thing you need. That’s okay, we are here as a resource but it is not another obligation. We understand the overwhelm is real and we have been brainstorming how to help outside of telehealth sessions.

We will be turning to social media and an emailed newsletter to continue our commitment to helping children and families live their fullest lives. On both instagram and facebook there will be posts 5 days a week, small tidbits of information that you can use to support your child. Look out for obstacle course ideas, videos with our therapists, information on zoom learning, home program support and more. In the newsletter we will do more of a deep dive with lengthier and more detailed offerings. Expect topics such as household items you already have that can be used to support development and discussing regression and how the brain learns. As you are reading our posts and newsletter you may want more info or want to set up a session. Reach out to us! We are here to make this easy for you. You are not obligated to weekly sessions, you may even just want to set up a coaching call to go over some of the struggles you have been experiencing and problem solve with us. This is new territory for everyone and we are here to help in any way we can. 

We have always stood by the idea that it takes a village and we are here to be a part of yours. Can you be a part of ours as well? Please like, comment and post on our social media posts, that will keep them showing up in your feed. Please tag us and share these posts with people who you think may benefit. This is not just for our clients, we are trying to contribute to the bigger cause of supporting children and families in our new normal. If you have a topic you want discussed or something you are struggling with that you want more information on, let us know! You can post on our social media accounts, email ( or call (973-9944464) us directly. 

We miss you all and can’t wait until we can set up fun obstacle courses in our gym and see your smiling faces again.  In the meantime we are here and we look forward to seeing you online. We have always aimed to make you feel like you are part of our Positive Steps family and we hope you can feel our love virtually. We are all in this together and we have tons of great information coming your way. 

Stay healthy and see you online!


Your friends at Positive Steps 

Telehealth Session Reviews: 

“Our teletherapy sessions with Jessica have been extremely productive and beneficial for our son. She impressively uses the materials we have on hand to get him the sensory input he needs, while also being extremely patient and persistent when we work on some of the more difficult tasks. It’s been great. I find myself doing more and better OT activities with my son when we’re not in session as a result.”

”I was reluctant to schedule a remote session for my son because he typically hates using digital chat platforms, but Molly knew exactly how to keep him engaged, even remotely. We both got a lot out of the exercises that were tailored to our specific space and resources. During these uncertain times, it was comforting to maintain some level of our normal routine – for me and my son! ”

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