Margie Ruszkiewicz

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Margie Ruszkiewicz graduated with honors from the University of Buffalo in 2000 where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy. Since that time she has practiced exclusively with the pediatric population both treating and consulting in a variety of settings including: Early Intervention, private schools, public schools and aquatic therapy. For  the past 10 years, Margie has treated a variety of diagnoses  such as, PDD, Autism, cerebral palsy, handwriting difficulties, visual perceptual/visual motor delay, ADD/ADHD, developmental delay, fine motor delay, learning disabilities, William’s Syndrome, Downs Syndrome, and other genetic disorders.

Margie attended Camp Integrations where she had an opportunity to work in a day camp setting providing multiple therapeutic services for children with special needs. Some of the services included:  Hippotherapy , therapeutic yoga, sensory integration treatment, Brain Gym, music therapy,  gross/fine motor, oral motor and social skills development. She has also attended numerous professional courses to facilitate her knowledge. Courses include:  Handwriting without Tears, Therapeutic Listening,  Reflex Integration, Practical Sense in Sensory Integration courses, Visual Vestibular treatments,  Functional Strengthening in Children, Neurodevelopmental Treatment courses (infants and children), The SANE program, Yoga Therapy, Brain Gym and Pediatric Hand Therapy and Splinting just to name a few.

One of her major interest within the OT field is adaptations and assistive technology. Consequently in 2010, she pursued this interest by furthering her education to receive a certification in Assistive Technology from Stockton College.  Also recently, she joined her colleagues in presenting“Thinking on your Feet: Creative and Innovative Adaptations for the Everyday Occupational Therapist” at the NJOTA conference at Kean University.  She feels that using creative ideas can lead to accessibility (whether physical, social, emotional, or behavioral) even in the most challenging situations.

Margie is married and lives in Scotch Plains. Her twins, Olive and Lucas, are now siblings to their baby sister Ivy. They are moving through their milestones, keeping her “on her toes” ;)