Groups provide the opportunity to continue developing and refining skills while addressing socialization in a natural environment.

At Positive Steps we offer a variety of specialized groups.


A “Handwriting Group” is different than the traditional one-to-one therapy experience.  Handwriting groups are offered to provide small group instruction to help refine prewriting and writing skills.  Letters will be introduced using a multi-sensory approach which will include manipulating objects, singing and feeling.  Emphasis will not only be placed on pencil and paper but will include constructing letters with wooden pieces, identifying letters with vision occluded, and forming letters in different textures.  Each child will learn important habits such as “top to bottom” and “left to right” which will assist in reading and writing.

This group will use “The Handwriting without tears Program”, which organizes letters according to their developmental level of difficulty.  In addition, during the 8 week Handwriting Program the following areas will be targeted:

    • Upper body strength/Finger strength
    • Postural Stability
    • Multi-Sensory Experience
    • Eye/Hand Coordination
    • Visual Perceptual/Motor tasks
    • Proper Grasp of pencil/crayon
    • Letter formation
    • Spacing


Zen OT is a yoga based movement program lead by an Occupational therapist.  It is appropriate for children ages 3-9 and can be easily modified to meet varying abilities.  Yoga poses are paired with a story, music, fine motor activities, breathing and deep relaxation in a 1 hour session.  Yoga sequences are sent home to be practiced all week.  The mission of Zen OT it to plant the seed for pursuing a healthy mind and body throughout your child’s life.


Different than traditional one-on-one therapy, the Summer of Sensory camp’s goal is to stimulate peer interactions while maintaining an even level of arousal during sensory and fine motor play.  The program is a three-hour session, four days-a-week for three weeks that is broken down into specific sections where structured tasks will be introduced.  These sections include a warm-up, sensory/movement activity, snack or food preparation, and a handwriting or craft activity.  Each week will have a theme and the activities (especially snack and craft) will focus on the theme of the week.  The activity will be graded to fit the individual’s needs.  Emphasis will be placed on social interaction and reaching a “just right challenge” for everyone involved.


Free OT workshops for parents, teachers and caregivers that are designed to deepen your knowledge of particular topics that affect our children. They are ideal for those seeking specific information about an area that impacts their child and/or children. Workshops will be held every other month on the third Tuesday at Positive Steps Pediatric Occupational Therapy Center. They will run from 7:15 – 8:30 pm. Space is limited and registration is required a week before class. Topics will include: What is Sensory Integration?, Nutrition, Normal Development of Children, “Handwriting without Tears,” and Kindergarten Readiness and Summer Activity Ideas.