Our Favorite Books

  • The Out-of-Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz
  • The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun by Carol Kranowitz
  • 101 Activities for Kids in Tight Spaces by Carol Kranowitz
  • The Goodenoughs Get In Sync by Carol Kranowitz
  • Raising a Sensory Smart Child by Lindsey Biel and :Nancy Peske
  • Sensational Kids by Lucy Miller
  • Smart Moves – Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head by Carol Hannaford Ph.D
  • Why Motor Skills Matter by Tara Losquadro Liddle, MPT
  • Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson
  • Toolbox for Parents by Diana Henry
  • Toolbox for Teens by Diana Henry
  • Take Five, Staying Alert at Home and School by Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenburger
  • How Does Your Engine Run? by Mary Sue Williams and Sherry Shellenburger

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